03,10,11 , Monday

Is like finally I blog, after so long.
Basically, I'm a lazy person,
everyone around me knows that well.
okay, back to topic.
It's raining out there, and I'm hearing BOOM BOOM SONGS,
what a combination.


Let's blog about my life recently, Well nothing much
just busy preparing my engagement stuff,
but most of the time, I'm busy shopping , party , tea , gossip with my girls.
but there is always dull moment in my life,
FAMILY issue is part of it.
totally stress out with my mum, can't blog too much stuff about her,
well it's personal. All I can say, thanks to my hubbeh & his family support.
(Going through all kind of drama with her is a disaster),
not to forget my daddy as well who are in aussie now
enjoying life to the fullness, and I'm happy for his current retirement lifestyle.
that's all for the day.

24.04.11 , Sunday

It's 5.28am in the morning
and i still have the urge to blog,
Oh well, Today From a GOOD DAY turn out to be a BAD DAY !
I'm really upset for my fiacee's lost. HIS CPU!!
Some robbers came into his house,
stole all the valuable stuff, which includes his CPU.
I'm so gonna curse this robbers. till *1hahfcbada23**&&
It just make me lost all my mood!
I really feel sad for my fiancee and his family,
i can see how depressed they are going through right now.
I myself feel useless! cause i cant help out alot,
all i can do is console them. SIGH!!
I miss my baby so much, worried about him too,
Moreover, all kind of shits is appearing in my brain right now!
He is very frustrated about his CPU! all his coursework ,portfolio, pictures is inside,
yet he cant do his assignment without it.
AND he is gonna graduate soon.
hence, STUPID robbers give us to much problem now.
Many things happen lately!
I just can write out how I feel right now
* baby, I'm always here for you. * I'm so sorry I cant do anything or contribute anything
to your family. I'm so sorry =(

I love you AARON TAN ♥

24 March 11, Thursday

To those people who know me well,
they will know this few days,I've been suffering from gastric and migraine
well, everything is based on stress and stress ( so yeah )
anyway, I'm not gonna talk more about my past
lets look into the future
for sure I'm so going to find a better job?
and also is time to do my engagement preparation
phewww!! I have lots more in my list,
yet, only one is done, which is the friend list. ( i guess )
but, i need to shop for the best dress and shoes too.
manicure and panicure is a must. LOL
hair done? which saloon is better?
i need to do more research.
But at least i did one homework,
which is i found the venue for my engagement party.
but skybar is below 21. is that true? SHIT WEI!!!
oh no! baby's birthday is coming up too. aiks.

19.01.11, Wednesday

Oh god!
I dont wan in this timing the feelings is fading away,
is ain't a good reason for myself too.
Screw me!!
I did't text him with the lovey dovey msg for 3 days edy,
and i did't even think of it.
I hope is not.
Can I just remain the sweetness that we been through?
after that incident,
somehow____its different now.
But I kept my promise towards him,
and I wont do something silly too.
Just that, when times comes,
I need to be alone for a moment,
go somewhere far and peaceful ( I'M NOT GONNA COMMIT SUICIDE ) =)
but you are still the best boyfriend I ever meet.

PS: I just dunno where to express all this shits out again,
So, I choose to write everything in the blog.=)

04.01.2011, Tuesday

I'm Lost somewhere,which I have no clue where?
Directions of life,
relationship between my family?
I have many second thoughts,
sometime I wan to continue my studies in Taylor's,
sometime I will rather work to earn my own living,
seriously..I really dunno what exactly I wan for myself.
You can call me stupid , You can call me idiot,
You even can laugh out loud, you can also say I'm not facing any challenges in life.
I admit everything above.
One more important thing that I need to highlight,
till now, I never have the courage and urge to tell my boyfriend,
what is going on with me,
I still cant share my feelings to him.
He is the awesome boyfriend ever. But....it seems like that's a gap when
I really wanted to express all kind of shits to him,
Maybe I rather keep things into myself.
( 10months I'm still acting like this, I'm sorry baby )

To Mrs M.
Can you please be a supportive guardian please,
to be frank, I'm quite envy to those has a awesome mum.
sometime when I see my friends having a awesome mum, my hearts start to have this sour feelings,
and also the envy feelings come out too.
Even my boyfriend's mum is cool and open minded.
and most importantly___she is supportive towards the son actions. "of cause the good ones" LMAO.
I wan to have a sweet new beginning, but it seems like,
is ruin.
I can tell my 2011 is ain't a easy year for me.

That's all for today, like it or not
the choice is yours.
thank you.

8.12.2010 , Wednesday

I'm officially sick. LOL.
stomach ache, headache,flu,sort throne.
but no FEVER.
Sleeping timey. =)

20.11.10 , Saturday

Today is cousin bro's wedding day,
congratulation to Alvin & Daphne.
Wish you both '白头到老'.
Well, stoning in front of lappie,
ain't a good thing huh?
Waiting time to pass,
Missing babyboy much, and he is still in his dreamland now. LOL!!
' ngok ngok boy' hehehehe=)
For tonight's wedding dinner,
I will be wearing a dress that i never wore before after i bought from Forever 21.
BIG LOL right?
hrmm...but tonight i will be wearing it for the 1st time.
i will be posting those pictures after i edit it.
Stay Tune Peeps.
Gtg now. =)
Going to Snips hair saloon for my hair done. =)